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AR Sports Therapy

Let us get to the source of your pain to ensure you stay symptom free!

We see hands on treatment and functional movement central to the meaning of being healthy, therefore, we encourage exercise rehabilitation to be an important aspect to your recovery plan to ensure you spend as little time as possible on the mend and stay symptom free after you leave.

Our goal is to provide optimum, effective and successful treatment of your symptoms
​while helping you to prevent future injuries.​

Our Services

We can help you get to and correct the source of your pain, to ensure you stay symptom free.

Sports Therapy

Designed to diagnose and treat your pain or injury.
A comprehensive assessment of your symptoms, a thorough explanation and the appropriate treatment to ease your complaints.
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Sports Massage

Our sports massage appointments are tailored to your aches and complaints, and treatment is aimed to relieve your tightness and leave you feeling free from tension.
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Taping and Strapping

Taping can be used to provide support during exercise, to prevent sport injuries from occurring, and to enhance recovery and rehabilitation.
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What We Can Treat

We have experience in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal (joint, muscle, tendon and ligament) and nerve related injuries and pain, whether it is sports/hobby related, work related, or have just developed without obvious cause. So, whether it’s back pain, a sprained ankle or recovering from a shoulder operation, we can help make you better. 

No matter which category you fall into, our aim is simple. 
We aim to deliver a high quality, cost effective service in order to assist you in meeting your goals.

What Existing Clients Say

  1. Louise Jade. Feb, 2018.
    I've been going to Abby regularly and could not recommend her services enough!! I've felt such a great improvement after the first few sessions! Abby is so professional and friendly and makes me feel at ease and comfortable during every visit! Most definitely highly recommended!!
  2. Lottie. Jan, 2018.
    Abby is a fantastic therapist. She really listens to the issues and helps to get to the bottom of the problem, she is extremely meticulous and she genuinely wants to aid your recovery. Highly recommended!
  3. George. Nov, 2017.
    Abby really knows her stuff. Every treatment session has benefited me. She also takes time to explain and provide other exercises for me to strengthen weakened areas. Best treatment and sports therapy I have ever had. You are missing out if you don't ask for her help. Thanks Abby.
  4. Keith. May, 2017.
    I believe that due to her knowledge and skills in her field of expertise I have manage to avoid injuries during my training for various Triathlons. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone be it for general maintenance or for preventative treatment whilst going through a tough training period.
  5. Simon. Oct, 2017.
    Abby @ AR Sports Therapy is friendly, professional and an excellent sports therapist. She quickly got to the root of my discomfort and gave me stretches and exercises to improve it. Thanks so much!
  6. Tom. May, 2017.
    Brilliant service, friendly and my sports performance was notably improved.